Dental Care

Maintaining oral health is equally important for your pet as it is for humans.

It is important to realize that your dog will almost never show signs when dental pain has become an issue for them. Most dogs will experience some level of dental disease and dental pain in their lives. The best way to minimize these issues is for your dog to start with a great dental health routine at home. In-home dental care should be supplemented with regular dental cleanings performed by one of our veterinarians and one of our animal health technicians.

What types of canine dental care services are offered at your hospital?

We offer routine dental cleanings, extractions, scaling, and polishing. We use digital dental x-ray to see what is happening under the gums, looking at the roots and the health of the teeth.

How often should I brush my dog’s teeth?

Just like people, dogs require daily brushing to remove plaque and film to avoid dental disease.

Why is oral and dental health important?

The best way to prevent oral issues is to be proactive. A dog’s bad breath is generally a result of bacteria that live in infected gum tissue in your dog’s mouth. The odor is a sign of progressive dental disease. It will not improve without a thorough veterinary dental cleaning, followed by home preventative care.

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