Senior Cat Care

An essential service to help detect and manage health conditions in aging pets.

Senior cats need care and support to help them age gracefully and comfortably. The experience of caring for older cats can be rewarding because it can enhance and enrich the lives of the cats and their owners.

My senior cat is losing weight, what can I do?

The first place to start is to book a checkup with your veterinarian. A complete physical exam will be performed, and your cat’s body condition and weight will be checked. If your cat is indeed losing significant weight, the veterinarian will likely want to run some bloodwork and check for any abnormalities. Once we have the results from these tests, a plan can be formed as to how we should proceed.

What are some tips for how to care for my senior cat?

Cats needs will change subtly over the years, but they still require basic cat care. It includes social interaction and an enriched environment.

Some things to make sure of are:

  1. Make sure sleeping, eating, and the litterbox is easily accessible.
  2. Schedule frequent checkups with your veterinarian.

Our veterinarians at Crossroads Animal Hospital would be more than happy to give you some insight and guidance on how to help your senior be as comfortable as possible and enjoy a smooth transition into its elderly years.

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