Cat Fecal Exam

Fecal examinations can reveal potential digestive issues from diarrhea to worms in the stool.

Fecal exams allow veterinarians to check your pet for intestinal parasites.

What is a cat fecal parasite screen?

A fecal test is done on a sample of your cat’s stool. This test can detect if your cat has internal parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms. Treatment will depend on which internal parasite is found. Generally, we test the sample in our in-house lab to check for parasites or their eggs. If possible, we ask our clients to drop off a fecal sample before your appointment time. That way we can have the results by the time you arrive for your scheduled appointment.

What is the best method for collecting my cat’s stool?

The easiest way to obtain a sample is right out of the litterbox. Try not to break it apart too much, putting it into a container or baggie. If it is diarrhea, we ask that you try not to use absorbent materials such as a paper towel to pick up the sample.

How much does a cat stool test cost?

We are happy to discuss the costs associated with testing your cats fecal sample. Please call our office to speak with one of our friendly pet care specialists. We can answer any questions you may have 403-527-2829.

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