Dog Emergency Vet

Dog Emergency Vet

No one wants to think about our pets needing emergency care, but let’s face it, it does occur. We offer 24hour emergency on-call services for our clients for this very reason.

Some types of emergencies include: excessive vomiting, excessive panting, urgent profuse diarrhea, choking, breathing concerns, porcupine quills, hit by a car, seizures, toxicity (poisoning), lacerations, broken bones, blood loss, unresponsiveness, etc. Do not hesitate to call your veterinarian if any of these concerns present themselves.

Where is your hospital located?

#5-181 Carry Drive SE
Located in the strip mall with the 7-11

Are you a 24-hour veterinary hospital?

Please note: Our hospital is available for our clients for 24-hour on-call services, but we are not staffed for 24-hour services. In some cases, if your pet needs intensive care or round the clock monitoring, our veterinarian will refer you to a 24-hour facility, possibly in Lethbridge or Calgary.

Where is the closest emergency service animal hospital?

We are available for our clients for 24-hour on-call service. However, a 24-hour facility could result in referral to Lethbridge or Calgary. Please call our office number after hours 403-527-2829, to be instructed how to reach one of our on-call veterinarians.


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