Dr. Aiyana Warren


Dr. Aiyana Warren
Dr. Aiyana Warren Veterinarian

Hello there!

My name is Aiyana, and I hail from a tiny little town in Cornwall, which is in the South of England. I trained at the Royal Veterinary College in London, England, which I’m very proud to say is the top-ranked veterinary school worldwide and has global accreditations.

I completed my NAVLE and graduated in 2019, becoming a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. I worked in true mixed practice initially, before moving more towards equine and small animal / companion medicine. As an equine vet, I enjoy working up medical cases and worked closely with a large and well-known equine referral center in the North of England. I have spent many a late night working up a horse with colic! As a small animal / companion vet my interests lie in behavior and nutrition, and I hope to pursue further qualifications in these areas in the future.

I have family in Alberta and visited several times growing up. I always loved the open scenery and the friendly locals, so it has been my ambition to move here for many years now. I finally achieved my dream and moved to Canada on Boxing Day in 2022 and started at Crossroads in January 2023, after becoming a member of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association.

Outside of the clinic, I live with my partner who moved here with me, and my two dogs Calla the lurcher and Daisy, the staffie x collie. I have inherited two horses, an ex-racehorse called Apollo and a Quarter horse called Maggie. I hope that come summer I can get back to my equestrian roots, go riding again, and perhaps even look for my next project horse.

I look forward to the adventure to come, and I am excited to become part of this wonderful community.